Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding Quality Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a fashion statement that many love. Many of us are now finding that not only are these types of boots fashionable but are also very functional footwear. Before buying a pair of cowboy boots there are many things to take into consideration. This information can help choosing the perfect pair of cowboy boots.

The first thing that is usually a big factor in purchasing cowboy boots is the style. Western boots generally are broken down into two categories such as traditional and fashion boots. Traditional cowboy boots can be very fashion forward, but are commonly more functional than trendy in looks. Fashion cowboy boots are usually decorated with intricate patterns and made out of luxurious materials and do not wear well when working outside in the elements.

Western style boots can be made out of many different types of hides, they can include shark, alligator, ostrich, eel and cow hide just to name a few. Many traditional cowboy boots are made out of leather and can come in brown, black and gray colors. Higher priced boots can be made with some of the more exotic hides and colors that are considered to be more of a high fashion style.

To ensure that the fit is perfect for your foot, make sure that you do not just get your usual shoe size, like you would for a pair of sneakers. One should measure their foot before hand to insure a proper fit. You want to make sure that they are comfortable on your feet. You should keep in mind that when buying a pointy-toed cowboy boot that the toe shape has no bearing on whether the boots fit the foot or not. The fit of the boot should actually start behind the toe area of the cowboy boot.

There are many things to take into consideration on how the cowboy boots are made. Fit, quality of the hide, stitching, inlays and the overall workmanship should be well made. Following these overall basic rules when buying a pair of boots will help ensure that the boots will last.

There are many brands of boots out there. Some of the older companies have been around for decades such as, Tony Lama and Justin bookmakers. These companies started out making boots mainly for working on the farm or ranch. With western movies and television shows becoming popular over the years, actors such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have helped to popularize wearing cowboy boots and western clothing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Finding the Perfect Gift for the Cowboy in Your Life

Cowboy living is a rough, tough way of life and nobody needs durable clothing more than a rancher or cattle wrangler. In order to avoid looking like any other cowboy on the plain, you should always try to make your style individualized and find the clothing that will make a statement everywhere you go. Cowboy Kingdom is a comprehensive website which contains many unique and flashy ranch wear, clothing, belt buckles, hats, saddles, bridles, show apparel, boots and much more.

If you are in the market for quality durable ranch wear and horse supplies, then Cowboy Kingdom is your one-stop shop. The website has a complete line of Western clothing and accessories which cannot be found anywhere else, making the selection and prices very reasonable. If you are looking for a high quality riding saddle whether it is for trail riding, pleasure or purely show, Cowboy Kingdom is the place where you can find everything you need.

One thing many people do not realize is that Cowboy Kingdom also has waterproof horse blankets in a wide variety of choices and at reasonable prices. Waterproof horse blankets are a beneficial addition to any stable and whether your horses are outside during cooler weather or cooling down from a workout or long ride, a waterproof blanket will help keep your horse comfortable while keeping moisture at bay.

Perhaps you are thinking of redecorating your home and want some unique touches that will make your home shine. Cowboy Kingdom carries a complete line of Western home décor which will allow you to bring the ranch theme inside your home and provide the perfect country like ambiance you are trying to achieve. The furnishings offered are practical, affordable and durable and can create the environment of your imagination. When someone is a cowboy through and through, the home should reflect these values and with the broad selection of goods from Cowboy Kingdom, you can create the home of your dreams.

Cowboy Kingdom has everything you could ever imagine and all on one easy to understand and easily navigable website, which makes it easy to shop for just what you’re looking for. Whether its chaps, hats, boots, saddles, home décor or anything else with a Western or cowboy theme, you can find it and much more for the right price at this one-of-a-kind website. Start shopping today and find exactly what you’re looking for whether it’s for you or as a gift for the cowboy in your life, you are guaranteed to find it here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Western Style Clothing

Since my husband and I have started showing horses, we are always in need of western clothing for shows. Shopping for unique and hard to find western apparel can be hard to find in our area. My husband surfing the internet found this great site called Cowboy Kingdom.

The selection in western shirts, jeans, hats and cowboy boots is large. This has helped my husband and I find many different styles that are not the run of the mill. We were tired of all the same patterns and colors that we could only find at our local western ware store. This has helped us to show our own personal style while showing our five horses in shows.

The last order that we placed was for a new cowboy hat and two pairs of cowboy boots. I knew that my husband needed a new black Stetson hat to wear when he showed our new white stallion. I knew that the black hat would be a nice contrast against the horses white color and would get him noticed in the show ring. The cowboy boots that I chose for myself were from the Coconuts line by Matisse Long Horn Western Boot in a beautiful saddle and turquoise color and then I also purchased another pair from the same line in a black and pewter color.

When our order promptly arrived, I was so excited to wear my new boots. Come on, girl s -- we all love getting new shoes or boots and this was no exception. I had to try on both pair right away. Both pairs of boots fit like a glove. Not only did they fit perfectly, they both went with so many of my outfits for the show ring. My husband's new hat looked great too. I wore the new saddle and turquoise boots at the next horse show. They looked great and really stood out from many of the other riders that were showing that day.

After the show, many of the other women complimented me on my saddle and turquoise boots and wanted to know where I found such a unique style and color in cowboy boots. I could not stop talking about the Cowboy Kingdom site enough. Since using the site I know that my husband and I will be one of the best dressed couples with our own unique style on the show circuit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding Western Cowboy Hats

Last year, the holidays were quickly approaching and since my husband and I had just moved, I had very little time to shop. My husband and son are avid riders, and I knew that new Western Cowboy Hats were on their wish lists. But the nearest tack shop was not an option since it was over a hundred miles away from our new home. I started shopping on the internet to save some time in finding those perfect gifts for my family.

Once I started my online shopping, I came across the Cowboy Kingdom website. Not only were the prices great, the selection of Western Clothing and Accessories was extensive. The choices in cowboy hats alone were vast. I knew that this was the site that I would find the perfect cowboy hats for my son and husband for Christmas. The only hard part was deciding on just one for each of them. Even though I knew that they did not want to ask for a Stetson, I knew that secretly this was the brand of cowboy hat that they each wanted. Then all I had to do was decide on a style of cowboy hat and color.

I decided upon the Stetson 4X Buffalo Corral cowboy fur felt cowboy hat in this very nice sand color for my husband. I knew the sand color would match the dress tack that he had for his horse Mary Lou. They would match right down to my husband’s new cowboy hat. I ordered the Stetson 4X Seminole buffalo fur gus cowboy hat for my son in black. This hat would also match his horse’s tack. I could not wait to see both of them with the new cowboy hats riding in our town's Christmas parade.

When my son and husband opened up their new Stetson cowboy hats, they were so excited. They both loved them and could not wait to put them on for the parade later on that day. The hats fit perfectly and they both loved them.

Since purchasing the cowboy hats, I have decided to purchase new tack for both of their horses. They are both already hinting towards the new tack. The joke is on them though; I had already ordered it when I purchased the hats. The only thing I have to worry about now is keeping it hidden until the big day!